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007 Stage reopens with website

007StageLogo.jpgEveryone cheer! The 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios has defied typical British construction projects and been completed in under six months.

The stage was destroyed in a fire in July 2006 and has now been rebuilt making it the largest stage in Europe with an internal area of 59,000 square feet and a tank capable of holding some 5.25 million litres! They've added a vehicle ramp into the tank, aircraft doors, and it holds a mammoth 2000 people. That's some stage.

The rebuilt stage also has a rather impressive website in which you can see the work they've accomplished and what the new studio has to offer, and I have to say it's pretty damn impressive.

You can see all sorts of media about the stage, I found the 3d model particularly cool, but what is interesting is the timeline of films that shot on the stage, well the major ones anyway, and they aren't just Bond films. Aliens, Alien 3, Mission: Impossible, The Fifth Element, Event Horizon, Both Tomb Raiders, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Da Vinci Code. Here's to many more.



Woah! Impressive indeed!

Richard, I smiled and immediately thought of you when I read this from the website:

The UK has an attractive tax break system. ;)


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