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24 film waits till end of series?

24_Poster.jpgThe film script for the 24 movie has apparently been completed, that means the film is ready to go doesn't it? Well actually no. It seems that the film might be made after 24 finishes its run on TV, and not just this series but the whole lot.

To me this news sounds crazy. Why would you release the film after the series have finished airing on television? From a money aspect, which is where Hollywood always seems to be coming from these days, there's nothing in it for them once the film has been seen. However, fit the film in between the series and not only do you get current fans going to the film, but you get those who've seen the film returning to watch the series. That's more revenue.

So the news from WENN through Cinema Blend (congratulations for their well deserved mention in TIME Magazine!) where an Executive Producer Evan Katz is saying just that is a huge surprise for me. I can hardly believe it in fact.

I don't hold with the idea that the script will be old when it comes time for the film, well of course the idea will, but win Hollywood rewrites seem the staple diet so we'll be seeing many of them before the film gets a release. What is good is that they have the idea for the film, and in 24 the idea is the killer. However I just can't see them waiting until they stop making the series on television, surely they have to slot it between to make most from it?



Ooh well that's good news in a way about the script being written, but how many series do Fox have planned if we are to get a film after 24 has finished on TV?

I'm dreading what happens with 24 - although I'm a huge fan of the show it's starting to get very predictable with the latest episode, Jack has wiped out 12 terrorist with nothing more than a pistol magazine and his bare hands.

Now I can't remember exactly but I think there's two or three left...that's a long wait for the film though.

Oh that is a long wait :(


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