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28 Weeks Later contaminates Parliment!

28WeeksLater-Projection.jpgMarketing for films is sometimes simple but very effective, and the marketing for 28 Weeks Later hits that spot perfectly. They are projecting huge infected warnings across some majror landmarks in the UK, here you can see it projected on the Houses of Parliment.

It's also being started by projecting onto the White Cliffs of Dover which should be very dramatic and highly amusing for some French politicians!

I like unusual marketing, even cool posters still turn my head. Do you take any notice now or do you find there's an over saturation of film marketing?

You know I wasn't that interested in the film, I wasn't a huge fan of the original and the teaser and trailer footage we'd seen hadn't really excited me. Then the International Trailer woke me up big time, and I'm really excited about it now. I'm hoping this brings something new to the Zombie genre.



Pandemic captured in film!

Now that is coooool.


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