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28 Weeks Later does Boyle matter?

28WeeksLater.jpgLet's put to the side for the moment the fact that the recent 28 Weeks Later trailer looks so good and let's look at the Director of the first film who might or might not be involved in the new film, and if that seems a bit of a puzzle.

Basically the studio are saying that Danny Boyle hand picked the new Director and that he filmed a few scenes as well as being on set, indeed he was very much involved. Yet this week on BBC TV he stated that he had Executive Producer status which means little more than taking a cheque. His exact words were:

"No, I was executive producer...which means you don't really do anything at all. And the virus is re-released, so rebooting the franchise."

Well it depends how cynical you read into this. Cinema Blend (who have a great article on the story) find it very cynical and are quite confused by it all. I'm not so sure. The studio are clear that Boyle didn't want to detract from the Director of the film Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, and you can understand that.

I think that if he was involved then he's downplaying his involvement, if he's really not involved then the studio are hyping it up, but what does it really matter? It's a sequel of an okay horror and it's "rebooting the franchise" - for franchise read only one film anyway - what's more is that regardless of what the first trailer looked like, the new UK trailer is superb. Isn't the film going to be able to stand on its own without the need for Boyle's name?



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