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28 Weeks Later, more great clips

28WeeksLater.jpgThere are some new clips online for 28 Weeks Later, six in fact, and for once in a very long time I started out uninterested in a film and finding myself pulled more and more into it by the clips we've seen.

I really thought that this sequel was going to be a cheap and half baked attempt, however the more I've seen since the first trailer came out, the more I'm getting excited and getting into it, and these clips just add to it.

There's a couple of clips to show acting range, a couple to show action, and one to show behind the scenes with the actors and producers talking about the film, while another gives a little in film plot explanation. So you've got all the marketing bases covered here, but what we actually see are some extremely promising scenes.

You can catch them all over at TerrorFeed through MoviesOnline, and the opening one grabbed me by the man parts and shook me about. 28 Weeks Later just keeps taking leaps forward in my must see list.



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