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28 Weeks Later R rated clip online

28WeeksLater.jpgThere's an extended clip online for 28 Weeks Later and at two separate sites, why two sites? Well one starts showing the clip until it gets to some seriously violent and bloody action, and then we have to head off to a site with age verification to see the rest, and quite rightly so.

The clip shows the survivors after the outbreak has infested the country once again. They are holed up in a small house, trying to find some form of normality, and all of a sudden there's a knocking at the door. A small boy is let in and he devours food while explaining that he's run all the way from Sandford - wasn't that in Hot Fuzz (Filmstalker review)? - with his dead parents chasing him. Then the parents arrive at the front door...

You can see the first half of the clip over at HorrorMovies.ca and for the second half you can see the gory part over at Fox Atomic.

Note that the second half needs an age verification, so if you're heading over to see it please enter your correct age and don't lie...and if you need to find a US zip code, just do search for zip code and you'll get one.



Havent seen this trailer yet but yes, that's Sandford from Hot Fuzz.


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