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Aardman three year deal with Sony

WallaceandGromit.jpgBrilliant news for Aardman Features, the makers of the Wallace & Gromit films, Chicken Run and Flushed Away, as we hear that they are in final negotiations to enter into a three year deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment which allows them a first look deal.

Amongst the usual press announcements from the two parties, the two big comments come from the Aardman guys themselves who are sounding incredibly pleased with the deal, particularly as it seems that they will keep their independence.

Stephen Moore, COO of Aardman and Head of Aardman Features adds, "Over the past 18 months we have worked hard to create a new vision for Aardman Features. This includes an expanded development slate, increased production and plans to introduce new technical capabilities at our facility in Bristol. This agreement with Sony Pictures is very much at the heart of our new vision as they passionately support both Aardman's existing core creative values and enthusiastically support our creative ambitions for the future."

The comments come from the press announcements come through Coming Soon. It does sound like they are going to remain themselves, stay in Bristol, and create what they are good at allowing Sony their first look.

Sounds a perfect deal for them, although I remember saying something similar for the DreamWorks deal.



This still sounds promising. I hope that Sony will more than appreciate the creative genius of Aardman.


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