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Abrams reveals Star Trek secret

StarTrek.jpgJ.J. Abrams has been talking about the new Star Trek film, and with that he's revealed one of the characters in the film. I have to say his must be a tough job, trying to keep wraps on a story everyone wants to hear about, and keep it quiet for months with rafts of people having to know parts of it.

So he's doing a good job when he only reveals that James T. Kirk appears in the film. Interesting that in the comments from Star Trek Magazine through TrekMovie.com and Rope of Silicon he says appears and not stars.

Perhaps I'm just being too grammatically inquisitive here, but doesn't appear imply less of a leading character role? To me it certainly does imply something other than the main focus of the film that has been rumoured. However it is all conjecture at the moment, and Abrams could just be stirring the pot.

The good news is that the script is finished and according to the magazine they are going to have more details surfacing soon. Either that's a good selling point for future editions, or they are going to get more information from Abrams and the film.



I'm with you. Appears suggests, rather strongly I'd say, that Kirk maybe has a walk on role and maybe a couple of lines.

...and you know what? I actually hope that's the case. I would prefer a proper break from the original series. That's probably why I liked Enterprise.


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