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Adult Pirates to gain CGI heavy sequel

PiratesII.jpgThe adult film Pirates (Pirates XXX), the most expensive adult film to date that spoofs the Pirates of the Caribbean series, is going to gain a sequel, and from the teaser that's online today it looks like it's going to rival Hollywood's version.

What's amazing is the amount of CGI that's in the teaser, and not just that but the quality. I'd be surprised if this is shown in the final version, but it would be interesting to see the trailer when it arrives. Don't worry, there's no flesh on display here, literally no flesh, and no sex either.

What it is showing is how the line between adult and mainstream is continually blurring, and not just from the side of the adult industry. We're seeing the relaxing of laws, certainly within the UK, that allow more adult scenes in mainstream cinema.

Thanks to Kn'thrak over at Movie List Forums you can see the very surprising teaser in various formats:

Quicktime [21.7Mb] and 720p [53.1Mb]
Windows Media Video [25Mb] and 720p [48.4Mb]

The original film was the biggest adult production in history and was mastered in HD with hundreds of special effects shots, and from the look of this teaser it seems that the follow up is going to be even stronger on the CGI side.

What do you think of the move of both industries towards each other, because they most definitely are.



i don't think the law changes in the UK had much impact upon the tastes and productions that UK people bought - even if what could be sold to them shifted - because it's still different to what's easily available online, either by crossing borders with internet connections or through imports. the blurred line continues to blur though, you're right, but it's been going on for a long time and particularly within the last decade and the appearance (very regular) of porn stars in lads mags. show people know their stuff, i suppose. the bigget boon is in cheap digital editing and production facilities - more bang for your buck, in more ways that one...

I also thought how very good the CGI is!

Well, at least they're trying to have some sort of plot in these movies now... right?


HAHAHAHA @ Jonathan. You should have heard the loud snort I made with that laugh!


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