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Adventures in Babysitting remake gains cast and writer

AdventuresinBabysitting.jpgMiley Cyrus and Raven Symone are set to star in the remake of Adventures in Babysitting which marked Chris Columbus' first feature. Further Adventures in Babysitting will be written by Tiffany Paulsen for Disney.

Paulsen wrote the recent Nancy Drew film, so I guess the idea isn't entirely that bad looking at the trailers for the Drew film. The news comes from Variety.

Not exactly the most classic of films, although it always holds a bunchfull of memories when I've seen it again. I don't think it's that precious not to receive a remake, although you can see things such as the strange tow truck guy being changed to a possible gang member and so on.

We heard about Symone starring, so there's still a few main cast members to be announced. Despite the remake it might be a good comedy, but who should direct?



Gods dammit! Raven Symone? The annoying chick from the Disney channel shows? The one that used to be on the Cosby show? Couldn't they have found a worse actress to ruin this movie.

I love the original and was actually looking forward to seeing what they can do with a remake. Now it looks like they can't do much.

"Nobody gets out this place witout singin' the blues."

Oh the memories... Elizabeth Shue holds a dear place in my heart because of this little flick.


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