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Alice in Wonderland live action remake

Alice.jpgThere looks set to be another Alice in Wonderland story, and it will be a live action remake by Disney of their own original animation.

Marcus Nispel has been working on a version of Alice in Wonderland starring Sarah Michelle Gellar called Alice, which is inspired by both the original tale and the videogame which turned the story into quite a scary horror.

The news of the Disney live action version comes from Variety through Jo Blo, who say that Linda Woolverton is writing the screenplay, she was on the writing teams for Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.

The Disney version will no doubt be much truer to the original than Nispel's version, and for once I think that might be its failing. There have been plenty of TV versions of this story throughout the world in various forms and styles, perhaps the story just can't be remade again unless it's something twisted like Nispel's version. Perhaps there's just no way to recreate the original in live action?



I'm not so sure, especially considering the great stuff that can be done with today's effects. As it stands, I think Alice in Wonderland has potential to be just as freaky without changing the story at all but simply with the right writer and director with a slightly twisted vision. Maybe not Lynch (too out of left field though it would be great fun to see) but maybe del Toro or even Burton. I'm up for the idea.


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