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Anderson talks X-Files sequel

GillianAnderson.jpgNow Gillian Anderson is saying that this time around it looks like the X-Files sequel is going to get made, although she too confirms that the underlying conspiracy thread of most of the Television series and the first film will not be in the film.

"They’re starting to talk about doing a feature again...Every year or two they talk about it again, but it seems like it might be for real this time. Somehow it seems like somebody’s really serious about it. I know that Chris’ lawsuit with Fox is over, so maybe now it can be done...

...All Chris says is that he wants to make a really scary horror, like a stand-alone episode. I don’t think they’re interested in touching on any of the conspiracy stuff."

The interview over at Empire has a few more comments from Anderson. She says that she does keep in touch with Chris Carter by email, and that she can't really say if the questions were answered and the series wrapped up enough for everyone. However she does say that her sympathy lies with the die hard fans.

So it looks like we might see the old team back, but you know what? I find myself asking why. Why would we care about a film that's not going to address the story that's been started and carried forward through the mutiple TV series and the first film. So what if it's just another horror film?



I was never a die hard fan, but it would be nice to see the two FBI agents onscreen again. I wouldn't mind seeing a standalone story - but that's just me.

Like I said, if we get the triumvirate back, then count me in!


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