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Anderson threatens growing career?

GillianAnderson.jpgGillian Anderson is starring in the first English language film from the German Writer and Director Sandra Nettelbeck with her film Helen.

Helen tells the story of a successful and talented professor, played by Anderson, who suffers from clinical depression and sees her life fall apart around her. She then fights to overcome her illness, which she probably does.

There's more information about the production, who's behind it and what other films that they are involved in over at Variety, but that's not really why I picked up the story, it's Gillian Anderson.

She's really going from strength to strength of late. It's taken her an age to shake off that X-Files persona but she's finally managed it and is producing some great performances in some varied roles, the latest being Straightheads.

Now though it looks like she's set to go back to the X-Files and I find myself wondering what she's thinking, surely she can't need the money that much that she would risk the diverse career that she's just starting to really be noticed for?



She is a great actress, no doubt. It´s curious, because, to me, Mulder had more presence in the TV series. But Gillian seems to have a more consistent career in the cinema. And...

Man she's beautiful isnt she? ;)

Gillian has indicated in the press that she will not defend her disjointed decisions that make no sense to her acting cohorts or anyone else and emphasizes that it only needs to make sense to her. This fits her personality but does not fit into a new & budding film career effort. Doing another X-files epic will be far more positive for her than taking on the role of Alice in Straightheads. This film enters the UK soon, without premiere, as a very disappointing first effort from doc writer, Dan Reed. It is simply "Poor" and as disjointed and negating as Gillian's role choices of late. In Dan's objective to illustrate an angry, personal response to violence he is, in every sense, accentuating that very "behavior. "Helen", is a perfect example of a better way to make a point! I can tell you that this one adventure spells more danger for Gillian’s career over anything X-files! A quality X-files movie could actually retrieve her some respect if Sony is foolish enough to bring Straightheads to a wider release here in the US. But, as Gillian has said, "It only has to make sense to her".

To rosemary: if you are so concerned about Anderson's career (unnecessarily: the film is criticized, her perfomance is mostly praised), maybe you shouldn't bash a film you haven't even seen. You did it on quite a few websites and it's getting ridiculous.

The film is quite good (I *have* seen it) and she's incredible in her role! Alice is the kind of character that intelligent and *brave* actresses should be crave.


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