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Anna Nicole Smith film gains lead

WillaFord.jpgTo cash in on the tabloid attraction of Anna Nicole Smith, Hollywood is to make a film of her life and has already lined up someone to play her. Willa Ford is a dancer and singer who doesn't appear to have had any comparative roles to date.

She will play Smith in a film that follows her turbulent life from being seventeen and appearing in Playboy to her death aged just thirty nine in February. The film, called Anna Nicole, is set to look at some of the controversies in her life such as her marriage to the elderly billionaire tycoon, the death of her son and the paternity case for her surviving daughter.

The story comes from Coming Soon.

Personally I think it is way too soon to be making a film of her life, especially one that is going to concentrate on the more torrid times of her life. Just because her surviving relative is her daughter who is to young to legally decide on the fate of her Mother's story, should that allow the film to go ahead? Should there be a film this soon after Anna Nicole's death, and could it be more than just a tabloid, TV movie?



In the interest of improving the genetic stock of humanity, all moviegoers who show up to see this film should be killed in order to stop them from reproducing.



Vic, where is this hostility coming from?

New Jersey.


I agree, lol. Personally, I don't get why anyone cares about her. She was only famous for being a gold digging tramp. Sorry to disrespect the dead, but I don't care about her and would rather have dental surgery then see a movie about her.


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