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Another Lucy Liu Rise clip online

LucyLiu.jpgThere's another clip online for the film Rise which stars Lucy Liu as a woman who is turned into a vampire and only has days to kill those who turned her before she becomes a vampire forever. It's also worth noting that it's had a slight name change from Rise to Rise: Blood Hunter.

In the process she enlists the help of a cop, Michael Chiklis, who has lost those dear to him to the same vampire clan and is seeking revenge, as well as helping her. Not that she needs much help!

The film sat for ages without anyone hearing a thing from the production, and then we found some rather sexy footage of the scene where Liu's character is bitten, and now we get to see the scene where she wakes up in the morgue.

It's quite a scary scene, and looks as though there might still be some cuts to be made, but it is powerful and pretty freaky considering she's stuck in steel coffin for the start! You can see the clip right here.

The clip comes from YouTube through HorrorMovies.ca.

What do you think, worth the wait? I think the line up sounds good especially with Carla Gugino involved and Sebastian Gutierrez is the writer/director, considering he also wrote Gothika it might be good news...then again he also wrote Snakes on a Plane!



Nice. Anything with vampires I am in. And that scene...
talk about claustrophobic!


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