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Area 51 gets comic writer Morrison

Area51.jpgHere's an interesting mix. The videogame Area 51 is set for film adaptation, which we knew already, by a comic book writer, Grant Morrison.

Morrison has written for such series as Justice League of America, Doom Patrol, New X-Men and Fantastic Four, he already has a screenplay in development at New Line called WE3 and is from Glasgow, Scotland! Another Scottish comic book writer makes it big, and another from Glasgow!

Area 51 is set in that infamous non-secret Government facility in the Nevada desert where a viral outbreak has alerted a hazardous materials specialist (the player) to the area to investigate. Unfortunately it turns out to be an alien virus and it is infecting and mutating people. Oh dear. Guns ready, start blasting.

No word yet from Variety on who will direct, but can a decent story be built out of this, or is it another Doom (Filmstalker review)? Saying that, I had fun watching Doom!



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