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Atonement trailer looks confusing

Atonement.jpgThe trailer for the adaption of Ian McEwan's novel Atonement is online, and you'll hope that you've read the book before seeing it for it's as confusing as anything and just seems to be a series of images, lovely looking images of course.

I haven't read the novel and I know little about it other than the blurb we've heard before. Here's what IMDB have to say:

13 year old Briony wrongly accuses Robbie of a terrible crime but the only person who doesn't believe her is her older sister Cecilia and now their lives shall change forever.

Well that makes a little more sense than the trailer does. I believe the book is somewhat complex and unusual. Has anyone read it to give us some more insight?

In the meantime here's the trailer from Empire [QT:S:M:L:RP:S:M:L:WMV:S:M:L] showing the slight Keira Knightley and the superb James McAvoy. Christopher Hampton wrote the screenplay and Joe Wright directed. What do you think? Looks wonderfully shot, but what's it all about?



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