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Autistic autobiography to be film

BornonaBlueDay.jpgDaniel Tammet is a brilliant autistic savant and his story is set to make it to the big screen. It has already been told in his autobiography Born on a Blue Day, which describes how his mind works and how he sees colours and numbers around him.

At the age of twenty eight Tammet is an incredibly intelligent person, he can speak seven languages, has previously recounted the value of PI to 20,000 digits from memory, and has managed to write this book telling the world what it is like to be autistic.

It sounds an amazing tale, and according to Variety is one that has been heard as a radio series and his life has been featured in many documentaries and shows.

Now the rights to the novel have been picked up by Warner Brothers and the film is moving forward, although nothing more than a few producers have been announced as yet.

It should make a very interesting story, and something that could be visually exciting, similar to Ron Howard's A Beautiful Mind perhaps?



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