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Bacon returns from Iraq in Taking Chance

KevinBacon.jpgKevin Bacon is another actor I love watching, and the news today is that he's signed up for the lead in Taking Chance playing an officer who accompanies the body of a US soldier killed in action being flown home from Iraq for a home funeral.

According to Variety, Ross Katz is directing the short story written by Michael Strobl, the man Bacon is playing, and adapted by Strobl and Katz.

It sounds an interesting and introspective tale which should focus a lot of US attention, and with Kevin Bacon playing the lead we are surely in for an intense and incredibly real performance. Like many of Bacon's roles (oh the puns) this one could court some controversy, however it is played out there's sure to be one group amongst the US troops in Iraq argument that will be up in arms.



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