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Beatty out, Langella in for Frost-Nixon

Nixon-Frost.jpgA little while ago I carried the story that Warren Beatty was being seriously looked at to play Nixon in the Frost-Nixon film adapted from the play. Now news is out that Beatty isn't in the running anymore and that Frank Langella is now in negotiations.

Frankly, excuse the pun, this is superb news. The stage play worked so well and was a hit for both Michael Sheen and Frank Langella, so to see Sheen arrive at the film version without his stage partner Langella seemed a bit of a poor choice. It was made even poorer when Beatty was rumoured to be playing the part.

Variety has the announcement that he is in negotiations, I think that means we are set to see the stage actors bring it to the big screen, and that is most certainly the best move for the film.



Now this is very good news, it's like I never missed the play at all! :P

This looks like a pattern now of adapting stage productions straight to film and with the original cast starring them, remember The History Boys last year?


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