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Beckinsale says no Barbarella

KateBeckinsale.jpgKate Beckinsale has heard nothing about the rumours of her starring in the Barbarella remake, and in fact she says she hasn't even heard anything in connection with it.

Shame really because if you think about it she really would look good in the role, however I think perhaps it could be a bad move for anyone taking the role as I just can't see the film working as well nowadays, and coming out with anything positive unless they really do rework the entire storyline.

Through UK IGN Kate Beckinsale has said that she just found out today from someone on the set of her current film Whiteout. So either it's being kept under wraps and she's been told to keep quiet, or she's really not in it.

Doesn't really surprise me, we did think it was very early to hear about casting, especially as the Casino Royale writers have just been taken onboard to write the new script for Barbarella.



This would make sense, for the movie, maybe a bit of a gamble for Ms Beckinsale though.

A rework is required either way. The original was too kooky to work today.


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