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Berry says no to Storm X-Men film

HalleBerry.jpgApparently there was a move to try and get an X-Men spin off film for Storm as well, but Halle Berry put paid to that move quite quickly.

I wouldn't actually be surprised if all the main characters had been approached for their own films by now, but it seems that Berry was definitely approached to reprise her character of Storm. However she said no, and in a quite definite manner:

"That absolutely is not true and will never happen. Not with me anyway."

That was her comment over at Empire through WENN and Starpulse News Blog.

Definitely sounds like she isn't going to reprise that role at all, and especially not for a single film. Does this mean we won't see her return in any possible X-Men sequel either?



I'm a little surprised especially considering she made such a big stink about getting more screen time is X2 and X3. Still, I can't say I'm unhappy to hear this. As far as I'm concerned, this is good news.

I have to agree with Marina here.

Storm is a great X Men character, in the comics she was one of the leaders alongside Cyclops. One of my favorite Storm stories is the one against Calypso, and Storm did have a boyfriend! I forgot his name now.

If they are seriously considering a Storm spin off and she wont be on board, surely it will not be difficult to find another actress which will be more effective than Halle.

I'm in agreement with the ladies - Halle not on board for a possible Storm solo movie is good news.

Storm is a fantastic character and the movies have practically ruined her. IN my opinion Barry is not a good casting choice and it's always bugged me watching her play one of my favorite X-Men.

If they eventually make another X-Men movie I would really like to see a different actress take on the role. Who? I'm not particularly sure, but I wouldn't mind seeing an unknown with a lot of gumption.

I think they should make a spin off movie for storm, because she is one the best x-men ever!!!!

I agree with Meli,Storm is one of my favorite characters.In my opinion,I think that angela bassett would have made a great Storm don't get me wrong I love Halle Berry.

Storm is a brilliant character and also very powerful. If they decide to make a movie spin-off, I think they should get hold of Vivica Fox for the role. Halle was always too benign and boring as the role. Storm has many personality traits they were never able to potray in the movies. let's see what and watch....


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