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Besson to direct science fiction trilogy

LucBesson.jpgLuc Besson has been talking about upcoming films and says that he's looking at a new science-fiction trilogy, which is looking as though he would direct. Bang goes that old directorial limit again.

He says that he wants to try it again, referring to the classic films he's directed, and that he wants to do the trilogy:

"Not before two or three years. I got an idea I think."

Over at the Collider interview through Moviehole he also talks about the other projects he's associated with.

He talks about Taken with Liam Neesom and how well that is going. He says that it's very intense. Transporter 3 is probably going to be this time next year, then we get to hear a few newer projects that we didn't know about:

"Then another one called From Paris with Love which is an action film also we're going to shoot next year. Then two other animated films, one called A Monster in Paris which is a great film from the guy who did, it's a French guy who works on an animator from Dreamworks but I don't remember which one. And we did another animated film called Ruby Tuesday with the Rolling Stones, 12 songs of the Rolling Stones. It's an animated film with 12 songs of the Rolling Stones. It's going to be great too. And a couple of French films."

Wow he might have given up directing for now (kind of) but definitely not producing. However I think it's great news he's talking about more directorial projects, however part of me wishes he wasn't just thinking science fiction because after Angel-A (Filmstalker review) I'd love to see more of that style from him.



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