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Birds remake continues

TheBirds_Poster.jpgThe remake of Hitchcock's classic The Birds is still going ahead, unfortunately, and the head of Mandalay Pictures is telling us that they have a cool new take on the film.

"In the original, the birds just showed up, and it was kind of like, why are the birds here? This time, there's a reason why they're here and (people) have had something to do with it. There's an environmental slant to what could create nature fighting back."

Wow, that will turn the whole thing around. Frankly I don't care if Hitchcock made this, that blurb from Variety through Bloody Disgusting has just won me over and I think they should remake it immediately. Note to all, that's sarcasm.

Giving the birds a reason to attack is actually lessening the idea I think, most of it was that the audience didn't know what the reason was, and that added to the scare factor. They attacked humans for no reason and there was nothing we could do to understand it. Isn't that a great addition to the fear factor? No reasoning, no knowning, thinking it could happen all over again without warning.

Now they want to explain it all, well if there's a reason behind it then human kind can solve it and resolve it. I really don't think this bodes well.



I'm gonna have a little guess here that by the end of the year the most popular word used throughout of 2007 is probably going to be the word... 'remake'.

Do these people [producers, studio heads etc] actually think that their remake is going to be any better than the original? Hollywood is doomed. It really is from what I can tell. Everyday there is a remake being announced. I mean, what the f**k??

I give up commenting on these uncalled for remakes Richard. I really have.

I hear you Billy and I don't blame you, however there are a few (very few) worthy remakes out there. I thought the Colossus remake sounded interesting enough.

Yeah you're right Richard, its just that it seems films are being remade just for the sake of it these days. I wouldn't mind if the remakes were on par or better than the original, but how many out there really are?

Oh Billy, they are thinner on the ground than my hair is on my head.

It might be a good question for a feature - which remakes have you found out there that are actually any good?

But they are not just remaking classic films like this one because even the very recently released films particularly foreign language films are also subjected to this craziness in Hollywood. Now I am really up in arms about the news that the Weinsteins are possibly remaking the excellent Das Leber der Anderen aka The Lives of Others.

das ist heller Wahnsinn!!!


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