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Blade Runner gets reshoots after 25 years?

BladeRunner.jpgThere's an interesting story about that there have been some reshoots on Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. Yes, I said Blade Runner, a film that was shot twenty five years ago.

According to Joanna Cassidy's official website through Sci Fi Wire she's just finished the reshoot, and what's probably more astounding is that she kept the original sexy outfit she had and she wore it for the reshoots. Wow, I had the hots for Joanna Cassidy then, and she can still pull off that outfit? Wow.

If you can't remember which part she played, she was the replicant who was an exotic dancer and had a snake, with a see through plastic outfit she was chased down by Harrison Ford's character.

So there are some reshoots on a twenty five year old film, and the question is why? Well Ridley Scott has oft said he wasn't happy with the final cut or Director's cut of the film. Now we had thought that he was off to recut the existing film with some old footage that might have still been around, perhaps that's true, but he's also reshooting scenes with original actors.

That's incredible when you think about it, and it has to be a good sign that this new cut isn't simply going to be a rehash of the film to get more money from the fans, this sounds like Scott is putting his heart and soul into this new cut of Blade Runner, and giving himself and the audience, the film he always wanted.



Oh wow. This is AWESOME.

I'm assuming this is for the upcoming 25th Anniversary. Super special edition DVD here I come!

It's definitely the 25th anniversary edition, but more importantly it's hopefully the film Scott wanted.

I'm signing up for it too Marina.

Maybe this version will change my mind about the Director's Cut.

I'm definitely interested! Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies. I do have to wonder if this new version will increase my love for the film....


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