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Boyle says McGregor on for Trainspotting sequel

DannyBoyle.jpgDanny Boyle has announced that the cast of Trainspotting are signed for the sequel, Porno. Renton, Begbie, Spud and others are set to return to the big screen for the sequel we never thought would happen.

According to Boyle himself all the actors have agreed to reprise their roles, which is quite surprising since we've been hearing for ages now how Ewan McGregor and Boyle haven't seen eye to eye. Indeed McGregor has been quite critical of the novel sequel and very firmly voiced about the parting of ways between the two.

However it looks like that has been sorted, despite having said that...

"...they can go ahead and do it if they want, but it will be without me on board."

The quote from McGregor is over at The Scotsman through Bits of News.

I'm as surprised as anyone, the comments from McGregor did seem to put pay to any possibility of him returning, however Boyle is quite definite that the entire cast is back and they've all signed up to the sequel. My only guess is that Boyle's pitch exceeded the novel in McGregor's

Here's what Boyle had to say about the film and the planned production.

"Irvine has given me the rights to make the film. He could have made a lot of money selling it to one of the big production companies, but to his credit he has resisted that," said Boyle.

He added: "I just want to wait until the actors are in their 40s. I could make it now, but the problem is they all look the same. I want them to look ravaged by the passing of time".

That said however, The Scotsman couldn't get hold of McGregor to get a comment on the subject, so it may still be up in the air.

Do you want to see a sequel to Trainspotting? Have you read Porno and can you testify if it's worse, better or just the same? Has McGregor turned around and signed up for the film? I think we might have to wait a few days and see.



so he hasn't really said anything about mcgregor then, has he?

Well when he says "all the actors from Trainspotting" and that he names the character of Renton amongst those returning, I think it's pointing to McGregor being on board.

Havent seen Trainspotting. Will that mean Kevin McKidd will also return? Yeow!!!

yep, but the question all around is whether boyle and mcgregor are back to talking terms again without poking each others eyes out and neither of them has been "available for comment" on that, so...

O YESS! I'm so happy their doing that! Incredible! THIS IS A MASTER MOVIE! Well-AT LEAST-it's mine! I never thought they'll do a suite! [Very - Richard] HAPPY!


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