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Branagh's As You Like It trailer online

KennethBranagh.jpgI just caught the trailer for Kenneth Branagh's latest Shakespearean film translation As You Like It.

The film has a huge list of stars, Brian Blessed, Bryce Dallas Howard, Adrian Lester, Alfred Molina, Kevin Kline, David Oyelowo, and the always wonderful Richard Briers. What's especially interesting about this adaptation is the oriental setting, and when you see this revealed in the trailer it's a very unusual mix.

It gave me feelings a lot like Love's Labour's Lost did. Two seemingly totally different ideas merged magically into one film, and they work amazingly well. Something I hope that this film provides too, and yet the trailer just isn't quite working the magic on me yet.

You can see the trailer from a direct line at Cinemas Online [QT:MOV:8Mb] which comes through st39.6 on Movie List Forums.

Are you a fan of Branagh's Shakespearean adaptations? I know I'm a massive fan. Does this live up to them for you?



Confession: The only Shakespeare I have ever seen on film was 2004's The Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino playing Shylock. I haven't seen any other Shakespeare adaptation either on film or on stage! Would love to start off with an RSC production though, we were hoping this to happen with King Lear to be played by Ian Mckellen but there are no more tickets! *sigh*

Any suggestions where to begin Richard?

My personal favourite is where that snap is taken from, Branagh's amazing Hamlet, not released on DVD and on video comes on two tapes with an intermission!

Perhaps the best thing to do would be to turn to Much Ado About Nothing and then Love's Labours Lost. Just as a Branagh starter.


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