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Bridge to Terabithia trailer in multiple formats

BridgetoTerabithia.jpgQuite a few months ago I wrote about the Bridge to Terabithia trailer which was only in one size and format and not viewable by everyone, well now I've been sent links to the trailer in various formats and sizes.

The trailer links are below:

Quicktime: High, Medium and Low
Realplayer: High, Medium and Low
Windows Media Player: High, Medium and Low

Since I wrote about it back then I heard about what story the book has, and watching the trailer you'd be well forgiven for thinking it's something totally different. Still, it looks good, even if it might not be the story you are expecting, or indeed the story they are selling...confused? I am!

The film stars Josh Hutcherson, AnnaSophia Robb, Zooey Deschanel and Robert Patrick. It tells the story of a friendless boy who seems to be going nowhere in life, but he meets a girl at school who teaches him about fun, imagination, living life and especially about Terabithia.



The trailer for this movie is a sore excuse for the actual movie. What's sad is people were duped into going to see this movie expecting one thing and getting something totally different. In my opinion that isn't a bad thing, but to those people (who's comments I read) it was.
The movie is actually a good adaption of the book, which is a great children's read and one of my favorites growing up.
If you're looking for a good Saturday matinee movie with a sentimental side then I would recommend this movie. The main young adult actors are really fabulous.
If you happen to take along a young one as your companion please inform them that the movie has a real sad part, so they're not taken completely off guard.
When I took my daughter to see this movie I warned her and even that wasn't enough. I've never seen her feel or cry so much as a result of a movie. It took her two tissues and the whole credit to feel better. She's 10 1/2 ...so use that as your gauge.
Though I'll admit her reaction was much like my own when I read the book at her age.

Many thanks for that Meli, good advice to all, never mind just those with young companions - I'm a weeper at soppy films too!


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