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Brit Blog Awards 2007 Winners announced

The Ask.com and Metro Brit Blog awards 2007 were announced the other week and the winner was Hecklerspray with the runner up of The Sessions.

Hecklerspray is a gossip type site with multiple writers that has been going since 2005, and The Sessions is a MyMarketingSpace site for a London band.

So well done to both of them, and I'm still blown away that Filmstalker was nominated before I even mentioned it on the site. After all it's just a year old...and it's just me in my spare time! That still amazes me.

So, back to normal business. You can see the rest of the winners using the link at the top of the page.



i will write in and let them know your a hack so you NEVER get nominated again fear not bud... :)

yeah thats a joke

Robbed, we were robbed!


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