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British cloning play adapted

TomWilkinson.jpgThe British playwright Caryl Churchill is about to see one of their plays adapted for the big screen. A Number is the film version of the play Number which looks into the subject of cloning. Tom Wilkinson plays a father who is confronted by the sons he had cloned decades earlier.

According to Reuters, the film will feature one actor playing the sons, Rhys Ifans and will be directed by James Macdonald who oversaw the 2004 New York staging of the play starring Sam Shepard and Dallas Roberts.

It does sound a strong and challenging tale, and I love it when a strong play is made into a film as it has the promise of being heavily character based, however it doesn't always happen. If the two actors above are involved then I am feeling postive about this project, especially as Wilkinson is such a strong and talented actor. However I'm not so sure the subject matter can be as hard hitting and as controversial as it has been. What do you think? Is cloning still such a controversial topic?



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