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Bruce Campbell in post apocalyptic Middle East tale?

BruceCampbell.jpgAnother Bruce Campbell film might just have been announced, the film is called Vacation and has been a project that has long been delayed but now added funds have been secured and the Director says that the film may now go ahead.

Richard Stanley has said that Campbell has fallen in love with the script and the character and wants to play the lead. He describes his film and the main character:

Bryce, an aging banker who still fancies himself as a surfer and ends up trapped with his lap dancer girlfriend in a shabby Middle Eastern beach resort after an apocalyptic solar storm destroys the West, forcing the luckless Americans to come to terms with a medieval year-zero environment and a hostile culture that holds them responsible for the world's pain.

The story comes through The Film Asylum. They have him saying that he's just received another 250,000 to the budget, taking it to three quarters of a million, almost at the full million needed for the production.

So it sounds like it might just happen. The plot sounds quite bizarre, but certainly set to raise a few eyebrows through production.



I'll see anything Campbell does.

Ditto. Sign me up.

I'm with the rest of the crew. Bruce is in it, I'm in the seat.


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