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Bush versus Gore by Sydney Pollack

GeorgeBush.jpgThe much disputed election of George W. Bush to US President in 2000 is set to be made into a controversial film to be directed by none other than Sydney Pollack. Recount will tell the story of the 2000 Presidential "election" and follow the Florida recounts from the day itself through to the Supreme Court's ruling that George W. Bush was President over Al Gore.

Danny Strong wrote the script, and with Pollack directing you can be sure of some strong political commentary. The film will air on HBO during the next Presidential election, hopefully this one will be much more clear cut and upfront.

HBO's Colin Callendar through Variety says that they film will focus on many of the smaller names in the events:

"It boils the story down to individuals, men and women and husbands and wives, caught up in events slightly beyond their control"

Paula Weinstein of Spring Creek, one of the Production companies behind the film suggests it will not show a right or wrong answer and won't set out to show a single point of view:

"It's about a major event in American history, but it has no particular agenda or ax to grind"

Interestingly HBO aren't going to release the film theatrically, and instead it will be shown on the Internet and try to reach a much wider audience in a much cheaper release strategy. I know that I would watch it, and being able to watch it on the release day would make a huge difference rather than waiting for territorial releasing to catch up to the US.

Pollack has a great style for these kind of political thrillers, and yet I can't help but think if they are going to recount events and not take a specific stand then it will be difficult to make it an attractive thriller, it will turn out more to be a dramatised documentary, and therefore be a little less sellable. Still the subject matter and the Internet release should take care of that.



This can be amazingly boring: Pollack is famous for his lack of rythm, and... I mean... whatñs the story here???? Who are the characters, and the motivations??? I don´t see stuff to make a short even.


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