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Cameron and Manson for 3D horror?

MarilynManson.jpgCould James Cameron be filming something for the dark imaged singer Marilyn Manson? Well reports are suggesting that he might be involved in an upcoming project of his, and it might just be a horror film.

Recently Manson announced that his forthcoming album would be accompanied by a terrifying horror film, and now it seems that Cameron might be the one directing.

According to the story at Bloody Disgusting a clip for his latest single has appeared on the website for a French radio station along with a little announcement, here's what they say:

The track is expected to arrive at radio stations by the middle of this month and will be accompanied by a video shot in 3D. The clip is said to be an excerpt from a larger project that Manson is filming with "Titanic" director James Cameron, although that collaboration has yet to be officially confirmed.

Okay, a 3D horror film from Manson's mind and filmed by James Cameron? Sounds almost unbelievable, but at the same time it could be an amazing collaboration. Could it really be true, and would you want to see these two distinct talents coming together for something this strange?



Wow. It sounds interesting and I think there's definitely potential there even though these two are not my first idea of individuals who'll work together.

I'm interested to see what comes from the pairing, if it does indeed go ahead.


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