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Cannes announces films, audiences barely notice?

Cannes.jpgFor all of us who could never attend Cannes, we've got the list of films that are entered for the Festival and those that are in competition.

For me though festivals are there to showcase films to the audience, and there's only a few that would really be interesting in Cannes performance who also pay for their tickets. Some of us really don't see that it has that much meaning outside of the industry itself.

Regardless here's the list of the films from Variety. There are some great choices for showing though, and surprisingly Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof is there for the competition without the sister film of Planet Terror from Robert Rodriguez.

A Mighty Heart and Ocean's Thirteen are receiving premieres at the festival.

"My Blueberry Nights," Hong Kong-France-China, Wong Kar Wai

"The Age of Darkness," Canada, Denys Arcand

"4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days," Romania, Cristian Mungiu
"Alexandra," Russia, Alexander Sokurov
"Auf der anderen Seite des Lebens," Germany-Turkey, Fatih Akin
"The Banishment," Russia-Belgium, Andrey Zvyagintsev
"Breath," South Korea, Kim Ki-duk
"Les Chansons d'amour," France, Christophe Honore
"Death Proof," U.S., Quentin Tarantino
"The Diving Bell and the Butterfly," France, Julian Schnabel
"Import/Export," Austria, Ulrich Seidl
"The Man From London," Germany-France-U.K.-Hungary, Bela Tarr
"Mogari No Mor," Japan, Naomi Kawase
"No Country For Old Men," U.S., The Coen Brothers
"Paranoid Park," France-U.S., Gus Van Sant
"Persepolis," France-U.S., Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud
"Promise Me This," France-Serbia, Emir Kusturica
"Secret Sunshine," South Korea, Lee Chang-dong
"Silent Light," Mexico-France-Netherlands, Carlos Reygadas
"Tehilim," France, Raphael Nadjari
"Une Vieille Maitresse," France, Catherine Breillat
"We Own the Night," U.S., James Gray
"Zodiac," U.S., David Fincher

"A Mighty Heart," U.K., Michael Winterbottom
"Ocean's Thirteen," U.S., Steven Soderbergh
"Sicko," U.S., Michael Moore

"Boarding Gate," France, Olivier Assayas
"Go Go Tales," U.S., Abel Ferrara
"U2 3D," U.S., Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington

"Am ende kommen touristen," Germany, Robert Thalheim
"L'Avocat de la terreur," France, Barbet Schroeder
"El Bano del papa," Uruguay, Enrique Fernandez and Cesar Charlone
"Bikur Hatizmoret," Israel, Eran Kolirin
"California Dreamin'," Romania, Cristian Nemescu
"Calle Santa Fe," Chile, Carmen Castillo
"Et toi, t'es sur qui?," France, Lola Doillon
"Kuaile Gongchang," Thailand, Ekachai Uekrongtham
"Magnus," Estonia-U.K., Kadri Kousaar
"Mang Shan," China, Li Yang
"Mio fratello e figlio unico," Italy, Daniele Luchetti
"Mister Lonely," U.S., Harmony Korine
"Munyurangabo," U.S., Lee Isaac Chung
"Night Train," China, Diao Yi'nan
"Les Pieuvres," France, Celine Sciamma
"Le Reve de la nuit d'avant," France, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi
"La Soledad," Spain, Jaime Rosales

"11th Hour," U.S., Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners
"He Fengming," China, Wang Bing
"Retour en Normandie," France, Nicolas Philibert
"The War," U.S., Ken Burns

"Boxes," France, Jane Birkin
"One Hundred Nails," Italy, Ermanno Olmi
"Roman de gare," France, Claude Lelouch
"Ulzhan," Germany, Volker Schlondorff

"Brando," U.S., Mimi Freedman and Leslie Greif
"Lindsay Anderson, Never Apologize," U.S., Mike Kaplan
"Maurice pialat l'amour existe," France, Anne-Marie Faux and Jean-Pierre Devillers
"Pierre Rissient," U.S, Todd McCarthy

"Ah Ma," Singapore, Anthony Chen
"Ark," Poland, Grzegorz Jonkajtys
"The Last 15," U.S, Antonio Campos
"Looking Glass," Sweden, Erik Rosenlund
"My Dear Rosseta," South Korea, Yang Hae-hoon
"My Sister," The Netherlands, Marco Van Geffen
"The Oate's Valor," U.S., Tim Thaddeus Cahill
"Resistance aux tremblements," France, Olivier Hems
"Run," New Zealand, Mark Albiston
"To onoma tou spourgitiou," Cyprus, Kyros Papavassiliou
"Ver Llover," Mexico, Elisa Miller

"Aditi Singh," France, Mickael Kummer
"Ahora todos parecen contentos," Argentina, Gonzalo Tobal
"Berachel Bitha Haktana," Israel, Efrat Corem
"Chinese Whispers," India, Raka Dutta
"For the Love of God," U.K., Joe Tucker
"Goyta," U.S., Joanna Jurewicz
"Halbe Stunden," Germany, Nicolas Wackerbarth
"Minus," Serbia, Pavle Vuckovic
"Mish'olim," Israel, Hagar Ben-Asher
"Neostorozhnost," Russia, Alexander Kugel
"A Reunion," South Korea, Hong Sung-hoon
"Rondo," Finland, Marja Mikkonen
"Ru Dao," China, Chen Tao
"Saba," Brazil, Thereza Menezes and Gregorio Graziosi
"Triple 8 Palace," U.S., Alexander Ku
"Vita Di Giacomo," France, Luca Governatori



Would you have loved to go Richard if money is not an issue?

I really ought to be going to some of this - just dont have that time!

Surprised the Tarantino film is listed there at all, as I thought Cannes insisted on being the world premiere for everything it showed. Unless they're trying to get around it by saying Death Proof hasn't been shown on its own, so technically it could count as a premiere...

This massive schedule proves why Cannes still remains as the best Cinema Festival around.

Time and money... Indeed. So short of those things make all of us modern slaves. And they teach us to accept it like sheep.

Sorry, I was digressing.


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