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Captivity trailer online

Captivity.jpgThe trailer for Captivity has arrived, and it's making the most of the MPAA bother they had recently when they had their posters removed and their rating review delayed.

Captivity stars Elisha Cuthbert as a woman kidnapped, held in captivity and tortured, but there's someone else in held captive with her. The film is directed by Roland Joffé.

When you watch the trailer you'll see the catchphrases they've come up with to try and sell the film on top of the MPAA and poster kerfuffle.

"The film they don't want you to see...The movie so intense it was punished"

Mmm...the film so intense they felt they had to reshoot the ending because it wasn't thought to be scary enough. Oh yes, that's the one. Well there's not much to see in the trailer apart from these buzzwords, and to me it's rather annoying that they aren't trying to tell us a little more about the film.

Have a look for yourself, you can see it over at Shock Till You Drop [Flash:Embed:QT:L].




Talk about making a powerful statement! :P


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