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Carnahan talks of his Mission: Impossible III

JoeCarnahan.jpgApart from poor Joe Carnahan having his house broken into the other day, he's also angry about his never made it version of Mission: Impossible III which he says would have been much, much better than the J.J. Abrams version, and he might just be right.

Carnahan invested fifteen months of his life working on the project and then had to leave after creative differences with the studio, something that happens loads to creatives on projects and we never really hear about it.

This time though Carnahan has been speaking out about it and has even told us what his version would have offered, the comments come through WENN and Starpulse News Blog.

"I had Kenneth Branagh playing a guy who's based on Timothy Veigh. And I think the cast that we had - Ken, Carrie-Anne Moss, Scarlett Johansson - that's the biggest heartbreak for me because I saw how amazing they would have been. If you would have seen Carrie-Anne Moss move with a handgun after a month and a half, it would have blown your mind.

And we had flat-out the two best mask reveals in the franchise history. Like those mask pulls dealt with major plot stuff. They weren't just these cartoony things."

Perhaps one day we'll get to read what he had worked up, but the ideas above sound pretty good, and Kenneth Branagh can be amazing as a baddie although Philip Seymour Hoffman was a fantastic choice anyway. Would you have liked to have seen this version, or is there just not enough here to wet your appetite?



Sounds Sweet .... & not just the 'Scraltett' factor .. Would be awesome to find the script for it if it got that far ..

No doubt in my mind that Carnahan's MI:III would have kicked the pants of J.J. Abram's flat and uninspired piece of garbage.

I'm no fan of Smokin' Aces, but I think Carnahan could have injected some fresh life into the MI franchise.

Personally, I thought M:i:III was great as it is.


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