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Carpenter's Christine remake

Christine.jpgI had heard word of a remake of the John Carpenter version of Stephen King's Christine ages ago, but since nothing had been heard since I thought it was dead, but it seems that something is actually happening on the production.

I think this is the only non-April fools story on the go just now, although it does sound like it might be. Luckily the rule is after 12pm and the joke is on the person who started it, just about now the only place that is still before 12pm on the 1st would be Alaska, Hawaii and Samoa, so I think we're now safe.

According to the news over at Coming Soon today the co-writer of the Disturbia thriller, Christopher B. Landon, is being looked at for the project in some way.

"['Christine'] has been all over the place...If it happens or not we'll see, but when I came in what I wanted to do was really go back to the book, the source material. I'm a fan of the Carpenter version, it is fun. But the book was much more of a possession story than it was just a killer car. That's what made the book so great is that what was so terrifying was that it wasn't just about an inanimate object running around and killing people, it was a boy who was sorta being taken over by the former owner of the car - and there was something more terrifying about that. Also, I just love the dynamics of the characters and so forth. Right now it's way too soon say anything else about it. We're so in the thick of deal-making, I don't want to blow anything else!"

So he doesn't really want to jinx what could happen, and who could blame him? It's a cult classic and it would be a dream project...but it's another remake of a cult classic, and another Carpenter film...are all his films being remade?



Oh dear. Looks to me that John Carpenter is giving his whole catalog the remake treatment, seeing though the guy can't get an original film made by himself these days.

Oh, the shame and disappointment in the air.

They have yet to remade The Thing right? Cause I really want to see the original.

I think the remake of The Thing (which, itself, is a remake of The Thing from Another World) is due sometime in 2009.

Christine is one of my all-time favourites, and greet the news of a remake with mixed feelings. On the one hand some remakes are good (possibly better than the original) but I really am aprehensive of any remake of Christine. For the period features of the film would we, in the 2000's, go for Wham playing on the radio in a Ford Sierra??? Can't see it, somehow.

Ok for one why remake a CLASSIC like christine ?
for one there is only one christine .. and remaking it and using another car would be honestly very disrespectful , but really you sit and think about it USING a plymouth is even worse because theres so few of those BEAUTIFUL cars left that why would they want to destroy more ? i really am against this whole thing and i probably wouldnt even watch the remake ..
thumbs down

Cindy, I have no idea what Hollywood is thinking, they're remaking everything at the moment.

It might depend who was behind the remake, and remember they don't actually have to destroy a Plymouth, they'll make models, use CGI, etc.

I don't know why I'm defending it though, I don't think it needs a remake.

Ok. I do not want a remake of John Carpenter`s Christine but a reliable adaptation of Stephen King`s novel. In my opinion, the 1984 movie was really far from it.


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