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Carry on London scrapped?

BritishFlag.jpgCarry on London was to be the next revival of the Carry on series after the last attempt with Carry on Columbus. Now though, one of the stars of the film is saying it's dead.

Shane Richie was going to be starring along with Vinnie Jones, David Walliams, Harry Enfield and one other big named star, of that he's quoted on UK Teletext as saying:

"It was going to be William Shatner, then Burt Reynolds then Leslie Nielson and then two weeks before, it just fell away, and I really don't know why."

Thank the lord, really. As much as I hate to see a British film falling apart there are two things we shouldn't be doing, remaking films and trying to revive past franchises, particularly the Carry on films which have already failed one restart.

We need new and original films, as does the entire film industry, let's not fall short of that and try to copy Hollywood in their remake/sequel/prequel phase. The strength of British and indeed European cinema is not in films such as these.



More "Carry On" films?

In the words of Kenneth Williams to Hattie Jaques,
"Matron, take them away!"


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