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Chris Evans to play alcoholic Iraqi soldier

ChrisEvans.jpgChris Evans looks like he's trying to do something a little more serious than the Fantastic Four films he's currently tied to. The film The Blue Sky sounds extremely promising for him as it sounds a very dramatic piece and comes from the director Mark Pellington.

Pellington previously directed The Mothman Prophecies, which will the film had issues the direction was very good, there was also the excellent Arlington Road. The film is about a group of soldiers who are all really close friends. While on tour in Iraq they make a pact with each other, if one dies then the others will go to their family and break the news.

Evans plays one of these soldiers, and as they are out on patrol and hit by a bomb, only two of them survive and one of them is Evans character. He returns home and becomes an alcoholic to get away from the real world, slowly watching his life fall apart. However, as you could probably guess, he meets a woman who manages to straighten him up and they head out on the road so he can fulfill his pact.

The story comes from Entertainment Weekly through Jo Blo and sounds pretty good.

It certainly is going to give him a dramatic role and take him away from the cocky, joking character we've seen of late...add this to his role in Sunshine and he just might be making a break for it.



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