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Clive Owen's Second Sight to be filmed

CliveOwen.jpgUniversal is going to film a British TV mini-series called Second Sight in which Clive Owen played a detective trying to solve a crime before he totally loses his eyesight and goes blind.

According to the story the Second Sight mini-series showed on PBS in the States and there have been three other mini-series filmed, Parasomnia, Kingdom of the Blind and Hide and Seek.

At the moment, according to Variety, Clive Owen isn't attached to the film, but since the deal calls for Angry Films to produce, who have also produce Shoot 'Em Up with Owen, it's a safe bet that he might be asked to reprise the role.

I never saw the series myself, but if it has aired in the US I can't see them accepting anyone else for the film, can you?



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