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Clooney gets Our Brand is Crisis

GeorgeClooney.jpgThese days I'm quite fascinated by George Clooney's projects, and here's news that he's set to tackle another political topic in a feature version of the documentary Our Brand Is Crisis.

Our Brand Is Crisis was a 2005 documentary that looked at the Bolivian Presidential election of 2002 where the struggling candidate Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada hired a US political consulting firm to help him get in power.

James Carville, the head of the company flew over there with a team and carried out a US style campaign with smear tactics, focus groups and all that stuff. Amazingly they succeeded in raising his poor polling numbers and he was elected with a narrow margin, but then Bolivia fell into crisis and eventually the President was forced to resign.

Although there's no word yet if George Clooney is doing more than producing, Variety say there is potential for him to direct and star in the film, and it does sound like it would be right up his street as he becomes more and more political in his filmmaking. Peter Straughan is set to write the adaptation.



It seemed in 2005, Clooney was the "it" man in Hollywood. I still think he's one of the most powerful people, even if he kind of fell off the radar last year (and no, the dreadful The Good German doesn't count!).

Jonathan, I really didnt like The Good German, it didnt help that Clooney was there too either.

Isn't that falling off the radar a good thing though? Isn't the fact that he's looking to smaller, more important films better?

So The Good German didn't do as well as expected, it's got to be better than churning out romantic comedies and sitting as a Hollywood symbol?...Mmm...maybe not actually!

I dont think Clooney can act to save his life, he doesnt have any range at all. Maybe he can more wonders behind the camera, I dont know.


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