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Closing Credits: Barry Nelson, Roscoe Lee Browne

The prolific actor Barry Nelson passed away a few weeks ago. He was actually the first man to play the character of James Bond in an hour long TV adaptation of Casino Royale.

Apart from that iconic and much forgotten role, to audiences of my age he is probably known more for TV appearances in such series as Fantasy Island, Magnum P.I., Dallas, Taxi, Love Boat, Battlestar Galactica (the original series) and so on.

He also starred in The Shining, Airport, Winged Victory and A Guy Named Joe.

Actor: Barry Nelson

Roscoe Lee Browne is an actor whose voice you'd remember over anything else, sadly though he passed away a few weeks ago.

He won an Emmy Award for his guest appearance in The Cosby Show, just one of his many appearances on Television shows, even right up to Law & Order, The Shield and ER. His voice was used in many shows, but perhaps this generation might recognise him as the voice of Kingpin in Spider-Man a voice that was featured in Logan's Run.

Personally I remember him from the series Soap, but he also appeared in Falcon Crest, Magnum P.I., Hart to Hart, Starsky and Hutch, but he also appeared in many films throughout his career. His voice was perhaps his most recognisable asset.

Actor: Roscoe Lee Browne



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