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Crossing Over tackles U.S. illegal immigration

RayLiotta.jpgCrossing Over looks set to have a pretty big cast including Sean Penn, Ray Liotta and Harrison Ford. The film is written and directed by Wayne Kramer, the man who brought us The Cooler and will look into the controversial topic of immigration adn the people who will do anything to get into the U.S.

The film will shoot in Los Angeles and the cast will be flown in and out for their shoots, some of which will be quite small. Penn, for example, only has three days shooting and will star as a Border Patrol Agent. Ford plays an Enforcement Agent who sets up the raids to grab illegal immigrants and Liotta will play a USCIS District Adjudicator who is an official who has to deal with the problems of illegals.

The story from Variety through Coming Soon says that the Weinstein Company have set an April 11th start date to the film.

It does sound interesting, and as the story says it will present the issue of Immigrants as the film Traffic did for presenting the illegal drugs trade. It'll be interesting to see more of the issue, something which hasn't really been looked into in mainstream cinema that much. My lord, is this something new coming from Hollywood?!



Oh, f*$k me... Sean Penn? It's going to paint them as heroes and the border patrol as evil.


What, Sean Penn is in a film for a few short scenes and the whole thing is turned around?

Penn is a superb actor, I'm delighted to see him on screen.

Who gives a damn about Sean Penn.

HARRISON FREAKING FORD! It's about time he returns to a role that actually requires some acting rather than something like Firewall or Hollywood Homicide.

That's why I put the word "rant" in the name of my site. :-)


Is your full site name Screen Rant Movie News then?


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