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Dead By Dawn 2007 - The last day

DeadbyDawnFestival.jpgThis year the Dead by Dawn Horror Festival has been kinder to me, both with Adele's scheduling, and also with my choice of films. They have allowed me a nice sleep instead of the all nighter and decent breaks between films to get notes written up.

Still, when I arrived this morning, before 7am, the smokers outside looked tired and lost, and the café bar was packed and bustling with conversations of the films.

The cinema was a lot more subdued than during the day, and the yawns broke through the conversations continuously. For most there was a nervous energy and cans of various sweet and caffeinated drinks were being consumed.

Welcome to the far end of the Dead by Dawn Horror Festival, and the start of the final day which will come to a close at 2am Monday morning.

This year the breaks between films have increased considerably and allowed us all a much more sedate pace. Something that I whole heartedly welcome.

For the most part the audience are pretty “normal”, but there are a distinct collection of misfits and oddities amongst them, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

One thing is common though, the love of horror, something Adele has yet again shown she and her team possess in bucket loads with the choice of films for this years festival. It’s almost a shame it has to end.

So the final stint begins...it all finishes at 2am Monday morning, and hopefully everything, including the site, will be back to normal by then. Cue spine tingling music and an extreme close-up as I turn to look at the camera, screaming…

I wish people would stop tapping my shoulder in the middle of a film!



I've said this before, I wish I could what you do. Have fun then! :P


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