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Dead By Dawn Horror Festival 2007 Programme

DeadbyDawnFestival.jpgThe Dead by Dawn Horror Festival runs this coming weekend in Edinburgh, and if it's anything like last year it'll be a corker. For those of you who have never attended you are treated to a weekend of horror, early morning finishes and one all nighter mean that you'll be all screamed out come Monday.

Adele has been kind enough to grant a press pass to Filmstalker again this year so I'll be heading off to as much of the event as possible, however I'll need your help. What would you like me to see? Here's the timetable for the whole weekend, oh and there are still tickets available.

Thursday 26 April
2315 - 0110: LES MORVEUX (7) + MULBERRY STREET (85)

Friday 27 April
1315 - 1425: HITCH (5) + DAMNED THING (60)
1515 - 1605: WHAT YOU MAKE IT short film programme (42)
Les Petits Hommes Vieux / Y Que Cumplas Muchos Mas / Avatar
1645 - 1810: THE DEAD TREE HOTEL (17) + FAMILY (60)
1915 - 2130: THE BABY'S ROOM (77) + Guest
2230 - 0135: IT CAME FROM THE WEST (17) + FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (96) + Guest

Saturday 28 April
1230 - 1420: L'INSTANT AVANT (3) + SHUTTER (97)
1500 - 1715: Cutting Edge Short Film Competition (97)
Anaesthesia / Blind Man's Alley / Faceless / 13 de Mars 1941 / Grace / Film Eight /
Lump / Mime Massacre / Nose Hair / The Fifth / The Amazing Death of Mrs Muller /
The Eyes of Edward James
1750 - 2010: SOUTHERN GOTHIC (105) + Guest

0000 - 0200: MONSTER (10) + END OF THE LINE (92)
0240 - 0430: TERROR! (24) + GRUESOME (79)
0440 - 0620: THE HITCHER (97)
0620 - 0710: breakfast break
0710 - 0840: THE HAMILTONS (87)
0850 - 1020: THE BACKWOODS (98)

Sunday 29 April
1515 - 1600: THE LOVE CRAFT (3) + LE JOUR DU FESTIN (17) + ZOMBIE MOVIE (15)
1645 - 1815: THE FROLIC (22) + IMPRINT (60)
1915 - 2115: ROOM 69 (20) + LA HORA FRIA (93)
2200 - 2325: FAR WEST (4) + CARLITOPOLIS (4) + TO LET (68)
0000 - 0200: THE ABANDONED (96)

So here's what I was thinking about seeing. What I would like is advice and suggestions of anything else that would be worth watching and reviewing, or something you particularly want me to see:

I'll definitely watch the shorts in competition because last year I was really switched on to shorts by this festival, there was a strong showing of some excellent films.

The Baby's Room - This is totally down to the fact that it has a good rating and an online review says it's damn scary. Now that I like.

It Came From The West - This is the hand puppet zombie horror which I had thought I had written about before, but I just can't find it. Check out the link which is the official site with some crazy stills and footage.

Flight of the Living Dead, aka Plane Dead - Yes, this is Zombies on a Plane, and I'm going to see it regardless. Oh, and I haven't seen Snakes on a Plane.

L'Instant avant - Just the blurb and the character names from IMDB have me. "Guy with hook" and "Guy holding hook". Wouldn't you be interested? Those are the only two characters.

Shutter - The Thai horror about a young photographer and his girlfriend who discover shadows in their photographs taken after a tragic accident. It's lined up for Hollywood remake (what the hell isn't these days) and is definitely worth a look.

Southern Gothic - Hopefully this is the Southern Gothic that is being shown, which tells the story of a man who must atone for a tragic mistake by saving a girl from a band of undead killers. William Forsythe is in the film, so that's got to be a good thing hasn't it?

The Hitcher - It's the original on the big screen!

The Hamiltons - Co-written and directed by The Butcher Brothers has me interested. These guys are remaking one of the any 80's slasher horrors on the go at the moment so it'll be interesting to see what they have. This is about a seemingly normal family through the eyes of one of the kids who is chronicling them on his video camera for a school project, except the more we see the more we realise they just aren't normal.

The Backwoods - This stars Gary Oldman in a film where an English couple on holiday in a Basque village discover a girl with deformed hands hidden away in a cabin in the woods.

Le Jour du festin and Zombie Movie just have me intrigued because of good ratings and the blurb of Zombie Movie sounds quite amusing, three mates stuck in a car, run out of gas, surrounded by zombies and out of cigarettes.

The Abandoned - This is the story of an adopted woman returning to her home country and the family home. Once she arrives strange things start happening, her guide disappears, she starts seeing ghosts, one of which is her, and another mysterious man appears, drawn to the home as she has been.

An update already? Well I found a further press release in my bulging email folders which tells us some more.

Scott Thomas the half-eaten brains behind Flight of the Living Dead / Plane Dead will be at the festival.

John Landis' FAMILY, starring George Wendt, Tobe Hooper's THE DAMNED THING and Takashi Miike's IMPRINT are three of the titles up there I didn't recognise at first. Consider them added to my viewing list.

La Hora Fria looks quite interesting from the three clips on their site.

Gruesome has the interesting tag line about reliving your own murder again and again, and when you see the trailer you'll see why it's called gruesome. That ripping off of the face scene is pretty well done!

End of the Line also has a promising trailer and looks filled with scares and some nice effects. Am I talking myself into seeing everything here?



This was the same festival you went to last year were you basically up all night and all morning?

Dont forget to have something to eat & drink in between and have fun!

Film I'm most interested there is THE BACKWOODS.


End of the Line is amusing at times, amateur at worst and overall a bit underbaked.

The only thing I have seen here is the short film, "The Eyes of Edward James." I remember it was fairly creepy and an interesting way of making a horror film. But I don't really remember how it ended so I guess it couldn't be that memorable. And you shouldn't base what you see on the short films anyway.

I wanted to see "The Hamiltons" when it was over here as part of the After Dark Horror Festival, but now it is on DVD, so I'm planning on renting it.

Most horror films suck though anyway.

shutter. the abandoned.

Logboy - I'm definitely up for those two without a doubt.

Thanks everyone for the other recommendations (keep them coming) I'll add these to the list.

Logboy/Triflic - I wonder if Todd wants these covered in Twitch too?

Drew - Why do you say that about horror? Same old formats perhaps?


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