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Deathrace 3000 plot revealed

DeathRace2000.jpgThe plot of Death Race 3000 has been revealed, and it doesn't sound too different from the original, mind you how could it possibly be, although it does sound like it might just go too far.

Death Race 2000 is a cult classic made back in 1975 starring David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone as two warring racers in the biggest televised cross-country race ever, where the competitors get points for killing innocent people on the way. It's a crazy film that has injected itself into our culture, I've been in car when a pedestrian steps out and heard the phrase from someone "that's twenty points".

Now that Paul W.S. Anderson has his Deathrace 3000 (see what he's done there?) on the go it seems like the cult classic is set for the big effects make over, and the plot has just revealed that it'll be bigger, louder, sillier, and perhaps not any better.

Although most of the plot seems to have been kept the same there are a few things that are different, and the worrying thing is that the explosions and car crashes are going to be ramped up. Here's the plot.

Clint over at Moviehole has the plot from one of their scoopers.

"The plot is in the near future (2020), this time the Death Race is a globally popular televised race that has high risk prisoners driving tricked out cars armed with weapons on a racetrack that's part of a prison complex called Terminal Island, and run by the prison warden.

The race's rules are that after 5 wins you get your freedom. The cars race around (unarmed to start) after gaining points by hitting other cars or driving over giant buttons on the track the drivers can access weapons for their vehicles. The cars are all real world cars that have been modified with armour plating."

Clint also gets some great scoops on how the plot goes. The original had the evil racer Frankenstein fighting for the lead against the goody(ish) racer Machine Gun Joe, well now it sees that the Frankenstein won't be a veteran racer who has crashed so many times he's been rebuilt as in the original, but he'll be a figurehead that is continually replaced.

It seems that in the opening scenes we'll see Frankenstein crash and die, although the audience are made to believe he's still alive. Like Dread Pirate Roberts there's been loads of Frankensteins killed over the years and they've been replaced so that the audience would never know.

This film will show a former racing car driver called Jensen (Button?) who is framed for his wife's murder and is sentenced to the prison Terminal Island. As a possibly way out he's offered the chance to play Frankenstein in order to win his freedom, or so he thinks.

The scooper also tells us that there's going to be loads more explosions and cars flipping, and yet Clint tells us that the budget is going to be drastically reduced.

Mmm...although they've changed the plot a little to make it a bit different, it does sound like it doesn't particularly sound like it's going to be a lot better. After all how can you improve a cult classic?



"...the worrying thing is that the explosions and car crashes are going to be ramped up."

LOL, welcome to the 21st century in moviemaking. I had a similar comment on my blog regarding the trailer for the new "Die Hard" movie. :-)

With Anderson in charge this movie can't help but be terrible. They'll never be able to reproduce the humor of the original. Scratch that, I'm sure they won't even try.


Yep I said a similar thing about the Die Hard trailers.

I'm worried that the budget is being slashed, with Anderson on board it wouldn't have been that big to begin with would it?


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