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Did Tarantino steal the Grindhouse concept?

QuentinTarantino.jpgIt's really difficult to tell when a film really has been stolen or not because there are so many accusations. The latest is against Quentin Tarantino for his Grindhouse idea.

Basically the story is this. A group of guys had the idea for a Grindhouse film and approached Tarantino at a party trying to sell him the concept, he listened but politely said no thank you and everyone left feeling happy. So they made their film and had a chance to send the DVD to his Production offices, which they did and then never heard anything back.

Suddenly they're reading that Tarantino is going to make a Grindhouse film and they were devastated. They clai that he took the idea and made it his own, much in the same way that Tarantino claims the Bond Producers took his idea for Casino Royale (which I think is a really bad example). They also say that Tarantino talks about his projects all the time, and he never mentioned Grindhouse until well after they had submitted their film to him.

I'm never sure what to believe in these circumstances, but these guys aren't claiming he's copied the whole film, just some concepts and the main theme. It's really difficult to tell either way in these claims, however here's the trailer for you to have a look at along with the official site and their explanation.

The trailer and story comes through MoviesOnline.ca and you can visit the official site of the film to read all about their story and also download the film for only 99c.

Do you think these guys have been overlooked for an inspired by credit on the film?



if i remember copyright law correctly, you can't copyright an idea - you can come up with exactly the same end result, the legality issue comes in when you can or can't prove how that idea originated, and it's at that point you either do have a case of stealing or you have a case of coincidence.

That film looks rubbish, and Tarantino inspired.

"Do you think these guys have been overlooked for an inspired by credit on the film?"

No. The only thing that this film has in common with the Tarantino/Rodriguez film is the title - and if that is the basis for a copyright claim, then Eddie Muller and Daniel Faris (authors of Grindhouse: the Forbidden World of "Adults Only" Cinema) can probably sue all three of them.

It isn't and they can't. Tarantino has been openly plundering exploitation films for his entire career, so to suggest that he suddenly got the idea from a couple of kids in 2003 is ludicrous.


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