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Die Hard 4.0 International and U.S. trailers online

DieHard4_Poster.jpgGreat news there's not just one new trailer for Die Hard 4.0 or Live Free or Die Hard, there's actually two just released. There's the International trailer and the US trailer, and for once I'm actually thinking the US trailer might have pipped the International to the post.

Usually I find the US trailers are way too over the top with the International trailers being a lot more subtle, however that word doesn't really apply in a Die Hard film and especially it seems not with this one. So the US trailer does seem to be much stronger as it has the slower build up and the bigger tension rise.

Although it features a daft line at the end, it does have a short couple of lines which made me smile in the same way the previous films have. Just listen for his explanation of his plan.

Yeah, I think the US might be a little stronger, but either way you look at it the action is huge here, and that's my one concern, is it perhaps too big? The jet, the running on the wing, the huge leap, it's more True Lies than John McClane.

You can see the International trailer directly from the UK Die Hard site [WMV:Dload] which comes through CHUD.

The US trailer is over at Yahoo Movies [QT:L:480p:720p:1080p:WMW:L] which came through Latino Review.

What do you think? Too big? Too wild? Enough of the old McClane in there to make you not worry?



Just watched the trailer. The bar has been raised much higher for this installment. I must say that I was very pleased with the action actually. I've never been a hardcore fan of the Die Hard films and I wasn't really a Bruce Willis fan at first, but I really like him now. Hes one of those/few actors that can balance action roles with dramatic ones, the same way Robin Williams does with comedey and drama.

Although the action does seem too big for a Die Hard film, I must admit the action does look coooool!

This trailer actually looks like the film will be watchable and enjoyable. I'm hoping McClane will have some more McClane moments though - Bruce Willis looks a little tired, contrasting with the high volume violence and action. Hopefully, the film will hold up to the original series.


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