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Displaced UK action film trailer

Displaced.jpgThe film industry isn't dead in Britain, as the trailer for Displaced shows. This is a UK action film with a healthy dash of science fiction and conspiracy thriller all rolled into one, and with a little help from Ian McKellen no less.

The newly found site of Subtitle Me Please (well new to me) has the news of the film and a link to the trailer.

The plot sounds interesting, and you can read it in the rest of the story or on the official site, and when you see the trailer you'll understand why this film has been picked up by a US company and is set for worldwide distribution next year.

Have a look at the trailer [WMV:L:Dload], go on, you'll be surprised, some of the action looks fantastic and no wonder, the man behind the film is Mark Strange who Subtitle Me Please point out previously worked with Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen, so yes, he knows action.

McKellen lent his voice to the opening scenes to make it more dramatic, and he had this to say about the film:

"From what I've seen of the film it looks sensational, fantastic - very exciting and funny as well"

Here's the official plot:

Stel, a humanoid alien played by Mark Strange, teams up with a British soldier Private John Marrettie (Malcolm Hankey). They engage on an action-packed adventure to find a top secret file which holds information on advanced energy production, captured space crafts and their alien pilots including Stel’s missing father, Arakawa, who’s been shot down and imprisoned on Earth by Core – a human paramilitary group.

The Displaced file falls into the hands of a renegade 'special forces’ leader, Wilson (Graham Brownsmith) whose plans are to sell the file to the highest bidder on the black market for his own financial gain. Private Marrettie is forced to help Stel in his quest to locate the file. The search leads them on a deadly game of survival, combat, intrigue and deceit.

So what do you think? Some of these scenes look great, I'm definitely interested.



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