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D.J. Caruso talks Shield and Disturbia

DJCaruso.jpgThere's an interview online with Director D.J. Caruso, and for those of you who don't know him, that means one spectacular thing to me, The Shield. However he's also just completing Disturbia, and from the looks of it that is going to be an interesting film.

He has some interesting things to say about the film, in particular how he pulled away from the whole Rear Window comparison:

I was telling everybody, the movie we watched the most for Shia was really "The Conversation" with Hackman. I kept saying to him, "Look at the way that he's reacting, because everything he's hearing he's putting together in his head and it's all about his imagination. And look how beautifully understated his performance is." It was really more of an inspiration in a way than "Rear Window."...to introduce the concept of the voyeuristic to a younger audience who's not that familiar with a movie like "Rear Window."

He also talks about his casting of the excellent David Morse, an actor I really do think is superb, and the final series of The Shield.

I met David Morse on "The Green Mile" set, but I'd always been a big fan of his since "St. Elsewhere,"...I think the great thing about David, what makes him work so well, is he could be the next door neighbor who really cares about you or he could be the neighbor next door who wants to beat the sh*t out of you...

...what David does is that he's the kind of actor that once we have our initial conversation and decide on things, he locks in and when he's locked in, he's just got it. Directing David is more about, "You got what you need, DJ?" "Yeah, yeah…." "Do you mind if I try this?"

I think Morse is a superb actor and I'd love to see him in more films, he does play a baddie or a man with a somewhat confused set of standards really, really well.

Then there's the best news from the interview on Coming Soon, the news of Caruso returning to complete Shield and film the season finale. I'm not sure

I'm going to start directing the season that's going to be their final season, so it's one that will probably start airing next January. They still have seven more of this new season they're going to be airing, and Forest [Whitaker] is basically going to be in the next two and then something explosive's going to happen, but those are in the can already. They asked me to come back to shoot the premiere of their next season, which is going to be their final season.

That's great news, but now after all this I am genuinely excited to see what Disturbia has in store for us, especially with Morse in the film.



Did I read that correctly, is this guy trying to tell us that Rear Window is not the base of this film. Bollucks! From the moment I watched the trailer all I saw was Rear View Window. Now I'm not complaining, I think it looks like a great adaptaion of this classic thriller, but please don't try to tell people it's not.


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